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Ariana is the President of Invisible Structures, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality environmental-site development and stormwater management products. An MBA graduate from Pepperdine University, she previously spent two decades in the financial sector both in the United States and Australia. She has also been involved in several start-ups, including her own gourmet food company,  Giggle Gourmet— named after her infectious, fun laugh, and love of hosting. Ariana's passion for food focuses on healthy, full-flavor tastes that can meet multiple dietary needs all within the same meal.

Ariana is a great-granddaughter of Baron Captain Georg von Trapp, World War I Austro-Hungarian naval hero and father of the von Trapp children—whose family's life story inspired the world-renowned musical, The Sound of Music—and his first wife Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, granddaughter of British engineer Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo.

Ariana's grandmother, Baroness Johanna von Trapp, performed in the Trapp Family Choir and Trapp Family Singers, and was later portrayed as the second youngest von Trapp child, 'Marta', in the play and movie.  Johanna was a talented cook preparing meals for her family during their years on tour, as well as for guests during the von Trapp family’s summer venture, the 
Trapp Family Music Camp.  Later, she continued to entertain and prepared meals for her own family, passing down her love of cooking to her children and grandchildren.

Ariana Fletcher

Descendant of Baroness Johanna von Trapp, 'Marta' in The Sound of Music

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Ariana Fletcher