We help our clients develop human, intellectual, social, and spiritual capital to sustain legacies.

Our consulting covers shepherding your mission, living core DNA values, handling organizational & leadership changes, interpersonal dynamics, and corporate sustainability.​

Shela Gobertina

von Trapp

Living core DNA values, sustainability, legacy strategies

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​​We have advised some of the world’s most well-known families, businesses, and philanthropists.

Whether a one-off or sustained relationship, our clients are corporations, businesses, foundations, charitable organizations, academic institutions, individuals, and families.

​We offer experience-grounded guidance to individuals, organizations, and families on identifying, managing, and preserving legacies.​​

Whether an emerging or existing legacy, we can help you navigate and achieve your goals.


Our Consultants

  • ​​Advisor on design and implementation of scalable corporate sustainability and legacy plan for nonprofit. 

  • Advisors on legacy audiences for multiple development professionals.

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von Trapp Hunter

Next gen issues, individuality vs. the collective, philanthropy

  • Long-term 'personne de confiance' and advisor to multiple international multi-generational legacy families.

  • Advisors on legacy audiences for multiple financial services professionals. 

  • Design and facilitation of a multi-generational reunions.

SELECT Past projects

We work independently, or in collaboration with existing advisors, to offer strategic planning, support, workshops, seminars, and one-on-ones.  

Our Focus

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Sharing insights from notable legacies