17th & 18th century Hungarian independence freedom-fighter against the Habsburg Empire


Prince Ferenc II Rákóczy



Medical Thilenius Family

The real von Trapp family's story inspired the play and movie, The Sound of Music

One of the world's most beloved, enduring, and popular musicals of all times

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Princess Illona Zrinyi​

Shela directly descends from multiple historic legacies. She is a great-granddaughter of Baron Captain Georg von Trapp, World War I Austro-Hungarian naval hero and father of the von Trapp children—whose family's life story inspired the world-renowned play and movie, The Sound of Music—and his first wife Agathe Gobertina Whitehead, granddaughter of British engineer Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo. Shela is a granddaughter of Baroness Johanna von Trapp of the Trapp Family Choir and Trapp Family Singers, later portrayed as the second youngest von Trapp child, 'Marta', in the play and movie. Her ancestors also are Hungarian & Croatian dynasties and national heroes: Esterházy, Erdödy, Pálffy, Széchenyi, Rákóczy, Zrínyi, and Frangepán.​​​

17th century historical figures remembered for their efforts toward Croatian and Hungarian independence from the Habsburg Empire 

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17th to 19th century Swiss and Duchy of Hesse (today Germany) family of artists

von Trapp

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Parents to the von Trapp children portrayed in the play and movie, The Sound of music

Naval Heritage, Georg & Agathe

Artistic Nahl Family

Shela Gobertina von Trapp

Photo: Courtesy of von Trapp family

17th & 18th century Croatian-Hungarian freedom-fighter remembered today as a national heroine ​

Széchenyi was a respected national statesman and today is known as “the Greatest Hungarian”

Agathe's grandfather, Robert Whitehead, was a British engineering and inventor of the torpedo

Musicians, von Trapp Children

Engineer, Robert Whitehead

Dr. Thilenius came from a long line of medical doctors and founded the family branch specializing in Balneology (study of medical springs)

von Trapp

Sharing insights from notable legacies

the movie, the Sound of Music

Politician & Philanthropist,
​Count Istvan Széchenyi

Croatian & Hungarian 

Poets And Heros

Descendant of Illona Zrínyi, Croatian & Hungarian national heroine

Photo: Courtesy of Whitehead family

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