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Ariana Fletcher, Chef and Founder of Giggle Gour​met

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Descendant of Baroness Johanna von Trapp, 'Marta' in The Sound of Music

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Ariana VON TRAPP Fletcher

  • ​​​English

"Ariana's food is so tasty that you often forget that it's healthy for you!"  
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Ariana's cooking demonstration was so helpful. She showed us how to make the same meal and with a few small tweaks to feed all my friends' different diets needs, ranging from meat lovers to vegans to gluten intolerant. I would have never come up with these recipes on my own."
Sydney, Australia

"I really enjoyed meeting Ariana, she has a friendly and warm personality and a great laugh!" 
Denver, Colorado, USA


  • Austrian cooking traditions handed down from Ariana’s grandmother

  • Healthy cooking lessons and demonstrations​​​​

  • Book a cooking demonstration: learn how easy it is to meet various dietary needs of friends and family within the same meal

  • Corporate turnaround: lessons from rescuing a company from the brink of closure

  • Entrepreneurialism and startups: what you need to know before and after incorporation​​