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"The audience and the media fell in love with Carla and she did [her] family heritage a remarkable honor." 
Publisher and Translator, Sendik Books, Israel​

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Carla von Trapp Hunter

Carla giving the keynote address at the FBNed |
​FamilieBedrijven Nederland annual meeting

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Descendant of Mayflower passengers and early American industrialists

  • Multiple lineal legacies from the von Trapp and Hazard families, to Mayflower passengers.

  • Legacy thinking: a vital perspective for individuals, families, nonprofits, and enterprises

  • Philanthropy: leveraging collaboration and meaning to boost donor satisfaction and impact

  • The von Trapp’s: legacy insights from the family who inspired The Sound of Music

  • Getting to the heart of legacy issues: individuation, self-actualization, and harmony

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​​"Carla is an inspirational speaker. She combines her family history, personal experience, research, and emotional intelligence in a very smooth, effective, and fun way. She is a star on stage and impactful in small group (advising) sessions. Carla not only understands 'legacy issues' academically, but because she's lived it herself she is able to advise and coach others from a place of empathy." 
Stefan Tax, second generation Rijk Zwaan and working for de Dutch Family Business Federation, The Netherlands