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Ginni Galicinao, Vice President with Wells Fargo Private Bank’s Family Dynamics Division

  • Family dynamics and the impact of wealth

  • Creation of a Purposeful Legacy

  • Love ≠ money: the pre-prenuptial and onboarding process

  • Giving with intention and spirit

  • The inheritance conversation

  • Engaging the next generation

  • Strategic and meaningful philanthropy

    "Usually these seminars are just lectures. People talking 'at' us. I don’t know how Ginni did it, but somehow she made everyone feel safe enough to tell their stories. Truly inspiring!"
    Mike Stranahan, 3rd Generation Heir of the Champion Spark Plug Family

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    Ginni Galicinao

    • ​​​English

    Legacy Coach and Author

    Ginni Speaks

    "I have traveled from Arizona to attend four of Ginni’s seminars in Aspen and they are worth it!  Her programs are thoughtful, engaging, and always make me think about my situation and options differently.  She is great at asking questions that focus you on what really matters."
    Molly Stranahan, 4th Generation Heir of the Champion Spark Plug Family