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Ginni Galicinao

Ginni Galicinao

Legacy Coach and Author

Ginni is a Vice President with Wells Fargo Private Bank’s Family Dynamics Division.

The greatest transfer of wealth between generations has begun and is growing exponentially. Her work, as a Wealth and Legacy Coach and Consultant, supports families in ensuring the successful transition of multi-generational wealth with a goal of helping families flourish in all areas of their lives.

From working with families to create their purposeful legacy statement to designing and facilitating family retreats, Ginni provides support and infrastructure for the often difficult conversations around inheritance and the meaning and emotional impact of wealth.

She has guided families through the creation of their family constitution, mission statement, purposeful legacy statement; engagement of the next generation, to helping couples work through the pre-prenuptial process. She has also designed programs that take the new family member onboarding process beyond a discussion of trusts and legal documents. Her work creates a solid foundation for lifelong growth and learning within the family.

An accomplished, international speaker, Ms. Galicinao has designed and led numerous seminars on the complexities of inherited and sudden wealth and the world of philanthropy. She is the creator of the podcast Family Dynamics + Impact of Wealth, and the author of the book: The Pre-prenuptial process-Love ≠ Money: How Not to get Divorced Before you get Married.

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