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"Johanna's shared family insights, brought meaning to the event." 
Attendee, 7th International Conference on Industrial Heritage, Rijeka, Croatia​​

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"Johanna's presentation was the most inspiring speech of the conference!"
Attendee, 8th International Conference on Industrial Heritage, Rijeka, Croatia

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Johanna II von Trapp

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  • My mother’s inspiring story before and beyond The Sound of Music​: Lessons on meeting life's challenges

  • Baron Captain Georg von Trapp: Austro-Hungarian naval hero and WWI submarine pioneer

  • Robert Whitehead, inventor of the torpedo: his wish for peace

  • Women through the ages: highlights from eighteen generations along a matrilineal legacy

  • ​Women equality and matrilineal legacies
​Johanna speaking at the 7th International Conference on Industrial Heritage in Rijeka, Croatia​​

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Descendant of Robert Whitehead, British engineer and inventor of the torpedo